If You Can Type, You Can Make An AWESOME Video!
Make professional quality kinetic text animations and videos in minutes!
  • Easy Kinetic Text Animations  
  • Animate Over Your Videos
  • Animate Over Your Backgrounds
  • Animate With Your Music Or Vocals
  • Keyword Searchable Quotes 
  • Keyword Searchable Assets
  • Animate To Any Stage Size
  • Export to MP4, MOV, or WEBM
  • Use Your Own System Fonts
  • Very Low "Learning Curve"
  • Free Updates
  • Create Videos Fast And Easy
  • Bonus Videos
  • Bonus Backgrounds
  • Bonus Music
Kinetic Text Animator is currently in beta launch. If you purchase Kinetic Text Animator during this beta launch you will be grandfathered in to all updates for the public launch and beyond. Before we do a public launch we are looking for feedback and suggestions. We'll be doing 5 updates over the coming days and possibly weeks. Each substantial update (usually updates where new animations and features have been added) will come with a $2 increase in the price 24 hours after the update is posted. This will continue until the price lands at $47 at which point we will set a date for our public launch.

NOTE THAT THIS IS A BETA -- while it's more stable than most programs in "beta" -- we still have some things to add. For example the save feature is incomplete. However, we've been in beta for over a month and we've released 5 major updates with bug fixes, requested updates, and new animations. The member dashboard will list known bugs as well as detailed lists on what has been added with each new update
Kinetic Text Animator
Samples Of Text Animations Created With Kinetic Text Animator: 
Note the samples below are not a complete list of the text animations available in Kinetic Text Animator. There are 10 main animation effects so far and more coming soon. All samples below are without audio for quicker download. Audio can easily be added to your text animations in Kinetic Text Animator.
But What's It All Worth?
You could spend over $200 to get After Effects plug-ins that do similar  kinetic text animations effects that you can get with just 3 of the effects in Kinetic Text Animator 
... and that's not counting $50 a month for access to After Effects!
You're NOT Going To Pay Anything Close To That!
For A Limited Time ONLY You Can Get Kinetic Text Animator for only...
Kinetic Text Animator
The price will go up by $2 24-36 hours after we post version 1.0.7 so don't wait...grab Kinetic Text Animator now and get started making Kinetic Text Animation videos in minutes!
Want Bonuses? How About A Growing Number Of Bonuses?
Check out the short video below for more details:
With Kinetic Text Animator you get a growing number of keyword searchable backgrounds, videos, and music files to use to create your videos along with tutorials that show you how to leverage them to create effective videos.

Kinetic Text Animator also includes built-in keyword searchable quotes for a wide range of niches.

We're adding more and more assets on a regular basis along with new tutorials on how to get the most out of Kinetic Text Animator quickly and easily!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q  Can I export to High Definition (HD) video?
You can set the stage size to whatever dimensions you want, including 1920 x 1080 for high definition or smaller dimensions for web site and/or social media venues.
Q  Can I use these video clips in commercial videos?
Yes, all our video clips are 100% royalty free for personal and commercial projects. Kinetic Text Animator comes with Personal and Developer rights.
Q  Can I import my own videos?
Yes! You can import your own MP4 video files into Kinetic Text Animator and easily time your text animations to your video on the timeline. We are going to add PNG Sequence import soon.
Q  Can I use my own system fonts?
Yes! You can your own system fonts and Arabic and Hebrew users also have a Right To Left text entry option.
Q  Can I import my own audio?
Yes! You can import your own WAV or MP3 files whether they are music, vocals, and/or sound effects and easily time your text animations to your audio on the timeline.
Q  What are the export options?
You can export your videos from Kinetic Text Animator in MP4 format, Quicktime MOV with transparency (for those programs that still support it), PNG Sequences, and  WEBM format. We will be looking into adding GIF export soon. 
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